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Speak to Tar-Meena, who can be found at the Mystic Archives. Once a week a light beams down on the altar, usually around 12 am Morndas night/Tirdas morning. Cheydinhal Link; Reset; Map Key; Help; Discuss; UESP Home I go to the dark fissure, im there at every time of the day but no light will come down on the alter. 18 - Vahtacen. Is it possible I killed him and he hasn't re spawned? NDS. Dark Fissure is a cave located southeast of Cheydinhal and east of the Reed River. She surrounds herself with Masters of the Putrid Hand and keeps company with Spectral Reavers. Simply make your way through the chambers and passages until you reach the entrance to the third level (D). The fissure is described when you click on it:
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